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Chocolate’s biggest regret

Chocolate's biggest regret

Chocolate’s biggest regret

Dancer and choreographer, Chocolate – real name Vimbai Muzuva – says she has resorted back to sx work to supplement her meagre proceeds after being duped of her earnings by her former manager.

Chocolate's biggest regret

Chocolate, who recently toured China, concedes she is failing to make ends meet after being allegedly fleeced by her manager Shepherd Tsandukwa aka Shepytaz.

Chocolate, who claims Shepytaz fleeced her more than US$1500, says she had no option but to resort to the world’s oldest profession.

She lodged a complaint with the police and the case was heard at Harare Magistrates’ Court but Chocolate is not happy with the outcome.

She said the case was referred back to police due to lack of credible evidence.

In a chat with this reporter at a local pub where she is hooking up with clients, she says it was not by design that she was now a ‘thigh’ vendor. She says she will bounce back as a dancer.

“It’s not by choice being here but what I know is that I will bounce back.

“It’s the circumstances that led me to be here but it doesn’t mean the end of life.

“I am making savings and things will be fine,” she said.

Chocolate, who is known for bragging with her big ‘b00ty’, says she won’t be staying long at the pub.

“He (Shepytaz) is now trying to engage me saying why did I choose to stay here but he really knows that he caused all this.

“I was saving my money in EcoCash account unaware that he is the one with the line and had my password.

“I reported the case and we went to court and the docket was referred back to the station (police). I will pursue the case,” she said.

Shepytaz denied fleecing Chocolate.

However, Chocolate regrets meeting Shepytaz in her life.

“Sometimes I regret ever meeting him because he is the one who forced himself on me.

“He saw my potential,” she said.

Chocolate's biggest regret


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