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“Chiwenga Stepped On The Tail Of A Lion But i Can Help Him”, Says Prophet

“Chiwenga Stepped On The Tail Of A Lion But i Can Help Him”, Says Prophet

“Chiwenga Stepped On The Tail Of A Lion But i Can Help Him”, Says Prophet

A South Africa based preacher made a controversial utterance at the weekend while addressing a woman presented as Retired Gen. Constantino Chiwenga’s niece during a church service.

“Chiwenga Stepped On The Tail Of A Lion But i Can Help Him”, Says Prophet

Speaking on LIVE video, the pastor whose many church videos include artificial graphic effects, Alph Lukau said, ” but I also want to pray. It seems like you have somebody I am seeing laying in hospital, I’m seeing somebody family member.”

Woman: yeah.

Lukau; ” Who is sick.”

Woman: Yeah it’s my uncle Chiwenga.
Lukau: “From Zim?”
Woman: ” yeah the vice president of Zimbabwe.”

Lukau: Okay, hear this. I am not just saying this to say, but they will be bad news if you don’t pray. Because you see his body is swelling, you may lose your uncle the vice president of Zimbabwe.
Woman: Yes.

Lukau: I can even see him he is like bleaching.
Woman: True Papa.
Lukau: Is that true?
Woman: Very true Papa!

Lukau: It’s like he is losing his colour.
Woman: ” it’s very true papa. It’s very true Papa!”

Lukau: Right now, he is critical.
Woman: Yes.

Lukau: is that true?
Woman: Yes. Very true papa. It’s true my father. Thank you Jesus!
Lukau: the situation right now right now the situation with your uncle….

Woman: Yes.
Lukau: ” it’s not natural… that is why no matter where they look they are not finding satisfactory results, they do not really know what is happening because this is witchcraft,

Woman: Oh God!
Lukau: ” this is witchcraft”

Woman: ” thank you my father.”
Lukau: “hear me, I am saying this with respect and understanding the sensitivity of what is happening this is the vice president of a nation, but I am telling you your uncle stepped on the tail of a lion. ”

Woman: Thank you Jesus.
Lukau: But I can help!


I believe you papa!
I believe you papa!
I believe you papa!


Lukau: ” because witchcraft in Zimbabwe at this time has increased levels that is why my brothers and sisters from Zimbabwe seek the Lord… ”


Several medical experts reveal that the symptoms Chiwenga is suffering from By and large come from skin lightening creams.

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