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Apostle Chiwenga prophetic warning to Pres Mnangagwa & Makandiwa

Apostle Chiwenga has finally spoken about the fatal accident that took place at the end of July in Norton at Tollgate.

The accident claimed the lives of passengers in the opposite car. Apostle Chiwenga survived but sustained permanent injuries.

Contrary to reports that Apostle Chiwenga caused the accident due to reckless driving, Apostle Chiwenga says the driver of the opposite car was a state operative who had the sole purpose of assassinating him. He says the plot went wrong.

He even demanded the family of the deceased to apologize to him for the loss he incurred from their son’s plot.

In the same stream, Apostle Chiwenga revealed that Jealousy Mawarire hates him with passion.

Mawarire is a relative of the deceased and he accused Chiwenga of politicizing the incident. Chiwenga revealed that Jealousy is also a spiritual son to Makandiwa describing him as a victim of Makandiwa. He described him as a ‘Zanu of puppies’. In the same line, Apostle Chiwenga said Makandiwa is into gold mining, a niche which is reserved for Zanu Pf elites because he has connections in Zanu Pf.

Apostle Chiwenga also mocked Jacob Mafume, the Harare City Council Mayor, who is an MDC Alliance member, for being simple-minded and naive to the extent believing the narrative that Chiwenga was the sole cause of the accident. He said that is the reason why the opposition is infiltrated.

Apostle Chiwenga also said the whole President Mnangagwa’s government is cursed and anyone who tells them that God is going to bless them is just getting people hoodwinked. Apostle Chiwenga says he is not an enemy of the state because the state is the people. He says he is fighting for people just like Hopewell Chin’ono.

Apostle Chiwenga says he will never praise or worship President Mnangagwa or anyone else in the presidency. He also said he is the only man of God in Zimbabwe who speaks truth to power.

Apostle Chiwenga accused Zimbabweans of being cowards even as their musicians and celebrities are. He says musicians and celebrities are singing to the tune of their oppressors while ignoring the plight of fans who further their careers.


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