Chiwenga & Mnangagwa Partners in Crime

By Fred Muchaiwa | ZANU PF is taking the majority of Zimbabweans for fools. This whole election process is nothing but a farce right from day one of announcing the election date to this day.

Chiwenga & Mnangagwa Partners in Crime

After failing to impress on policies that impact positively on the lives of our citizens ZANU PF sensed the repercussions of bad governance and planned dirty and evil against its on people. Election rigging was planned way in advance to safeguard individual interests within ZANU PF.

Chiwenga and Mnangagwa removed Mugabe with the help of Zimbabweans and the army. Today Chiwenga and Mnangagwa are using the army to undermine the will of the same people who helped to depose Mugabe.

Zimbabweans gave Mnangagwa the mandate to change things around since November 2017 and he failed in eight months of his probation. Mnangagwa failed to address simple economic problems haunting Zimbabweans on a daily basis.

1. Cash shortages
2. Corruption
3. Service delivery

These are basic needs and requirements entitled to every citizen in any given country.
Chips and chicken, bars of soap, cups of fertiliser and seeds served on elections eve failed to bribe normal thinking majority. When is the next election for another piece of chicken and a portion chips?

Why call for an election when you cannot even comply with a single electoral law. You preach peace on Twitter and Facebook, pretend like a saviour then go underground and plan evil against your own people. Legitimacy of a government is confirmed and guaranteed by freedom, peace, transparency, security of citizens.

Where is freedom, peace and security when six precious lives are lost in a demonstration which posed no danger to anyone. If it’s hooliganism the police have a duty to apprehend identified culprits and the law takes its course. Chiwenga unleashed the army to deal with unarmed protesters resulting in avoidable loss of life and injuries. Chiwenga and Mnangagwa will go down in history as monsters of Zimbabwean democracy because of their joint inhuman and cruel distinctive characteristics.

ZANU PF has demonstrated its lawlessness ideology, evil, lying, deceiving and corrupt culture just like a drug cartel or a terrorist group like Boko Haram. Dominance in the world of these groups is maintained by bribing and manipulating the system. Justice is served by the gun, opponents are eliminated.

There is no court in Zimbabwe that can pass a judgement against ZANU PF. The judiciary has been captured, the army, police and every government department has been coded to ZANU PF ideology.

This election is the worst in the history of voting in Zimbabwe because there is no shame in fixing the results and overriding the people’s will all because of individual interests and ambitions.

When is ZANU PF going to put people first before personal interests and concerns?



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