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Chivhu Shooting Drama – What went down according to police

Chivhu Shooting Drama - What went down according to police

On Sunday he Zimbabwe Republic Police dismissed information that was circulating on social media about the shooting of soldiers in Chivhu as unfounded.

A service officer of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), Lorance Mupanganyama, was shot and killed while another, Peter Zvirevo sustained serious injuries after an unknown assailant opened fire at a police post in Chivhu on Saturday afternoon.

Details of the circumstances had been awash on social media with unconfirmed reports alleging that the shooting emerged after a fight over women while some versions claimed that people retaliated after soldiers where beating up people indiscriminately.

Pictures of two criminals circulating on social media purported to be the shooters have been confirmed to this publication that they are criminals at Harare Central police station and not the attackers.

Speaking to H-Metro, National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi urged people not spread unfounded details over the shootings.

“We have established that they were two people who shot and killed an army officer while injuring another.

“As of today (Yesterday), no arrests have been made so far and who ever said they were arrests is not telling the truth.

“We are still investigating, people should not speculate and they must give the police the opportunity for investigations.

“The pictures circulating on social media are not the criminals.

“People must not speculate and should allow for smooth investigations,” explained Ass Comm Nyathi.

He added:

“A suspect, who is yet to be identified, entered the police post and requested to speak to a service member stationed at the post as part of the teams that are enforcing Covid-19 regulations.

“The assailant was accompanied outside by the ZNA officer before returning a short while later.

“It was on their return that the suspect produced a pistol and shot this service member before turning the firearm on another officer and shot him.

“The first service member died on the spot while the second one sustained serious injuries. The suspect then took two service arms from the deceased and the injured servicemen before fleeing the scene.”

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