Home LOCAL NEWS Chitungwiza Family Fumes As Son Forgives His Serial Cheating Wife

Chitungwiza Family Fumes As Son Forgives His Serial Cheating Wife

Chitungwiza Family Fumes As Son Forgives His Serial Cheating Wife

Chitungwiza Family Fumes As Son Forgives His Serial Cheating Wife

A CHITUNGWIZA DJ who caught his wife in bed with a married man before stumbling on pictures of the wife performing oral mjolo on another man and deciding to forgive her, is at loggerheads with wife’s relatives who want the woman gone.

Innocent Sakupwanya aka DJ Mega initially sent his wife Tafadzwa Monica Nyamadzawo, 26, known as Kimberley, packing when he found her in bed with a married Gibson Matapo before receiving pictures of his wife performing oral mjolo on another man.

In no time, DJ Mega reportedly reunited with Kimberley, who then implicated her cousin, who was only identified as Junior, for being her teacher for promiscuity which has not gone well with relatives who went on to expose Kimberley’s several acts of prostitution.

Photographs of Kimberley in the arms of a naked married man have been circulating on social media amid reports that one of her relatives is behind the leak.

Kimberley reportedly implicated Junior for her behaviour when she wanted to reconcile with DJ Mega and this has not gone well with Junior who has taken back the fight to Kimberley.

Kimberly told H-Metro that her illicit affair with Matapo came to light and DJ Mega accepted her return to a situation that affected Junior.

“Honestly speaking, I was caught by my husband cheating and was forced to pack my belongings and stay with Junior at her house,” said Kimberley.

“Junior is the one who posted my photographs with a married man which are now on social media.

“Akarwadziwa nekuti murume wangu takazowirirana ndikakumbira ruregerero akandidzosa kumba saka handizive kuti iye zvamurwadza papi iye ari hama yangu.

“My husband has forgiven me but my relative is now a thorn in my flesh posting photographs on social media.

“I have plans to take legal action against her because this is totally uncalled for,” she said.

Junior confirmed posting the photographs on social media, saying Kimberley misinformed DJ Mega when they agreed to reunite following their separation.

“Kimberley told her husband that I was the one who was behind her going out with several men,” said Junior.

“It was not Kimberley’s first time to be caught with other men and her reason was that DJ Mega was failing to sexually satisfy her.

“Hanzi ane kadora akatombotora picture akanditumira saka handizive kuti kadora kacho kakazokura here zvavadzokerana.

“DJ Mega phoned me accusing me of coaching Kimberley to prostitute and that affected me emotionally and I posted the photographs of her with another man on social media.

“The photographs I posted were sent to me by DJ Mega as part of evidence when they separated and I took in Kimberly only for her to back bite me.

“Kimberley was once married to another man and got divorced when she was caught red handed cheating and her marriage with DJ Mega is the second and was she caught again.

“She must be serious with her marriage rather than mudslinging others,” said Junior.

DJ Mega confirmed to H-Metro having forgiven Kimberley saying they had reunited.

“My wife cheated on me and I chased her away and she went to her cousin’s house,” said Sakupwanya.

“We later agreed to reunite and she moved away from gogo Junior’s house to another relative’s house.

“Gogo Junior is now fighting our marriage by posting Kimberley’s photographs with a married man, a thing I have already forgiven her about,” said Sakupwanya.

Matapo confirmed posing for nude photographs with Kimberly promising to furnish the publication with details.

“The issue needs a meeting first so I will furnish you with finer details later,” said Matapo.

Matapo later said he could not shed much light on having a married woman giving oral mjolo on him.

“Chingoitai zvamunoda ikoko,” said Matapo.

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