Chinotimba to launch highly anticipated book ‘Masasi a Chinoz’

In a humour meets charity literature painting, Buhera South Member Of Parliament Honourable Cde Joseph Chinotimba is set to launch a book.

Chinotimba to launch highly anticipated book ‘Masasi a Chinoz’

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Khuluma Afrika, the Legislator narrated that his journey to being the people’s person and his will to serve citizens are the key tenets his book, MASASI A CHINOZ is based on.

A perceived protege and ally to the late Dr Chenjerai Hunzvi during the early 2000s, Cde Chinotimba is a classic tale of rags to riches marinated in a hot sauce of comedy.

Befittingly, the militant Zanu-Pf cadre will have The Vice President General Constatino Chiwenga as the guest of honour.

Masasi a Chinoz will be launched at the Harare City Library on the 26th of January.

When quizzed on why he felt there was need for him to write a book, the hilarious politician stated two reasons.

Firstly, he asserted that it was a way of showing the citizens that no matter where you are from or what people think about you if you keep your head up you can prevail.

Secondly, his heart lies in Buhera a place the late Cde Kumbirai Kangai represented since independence until 2008 . Therefore he expressed the need to help people from his constituency through revenue generated from this book. “

Ku Buhera uko vanhu vakuda rubatitsiro, ini basa rangu kufadza ruzhinji”(In Buhera people need help and my job is to satisfy the masses), Cde Chinotimba told Khuluma Afrika.

We wait to see how the book will perform given that the honourable is arguably the most socially celebrated politician since the turn of the millennium.



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