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Chin’ono Responds To Emmerson Mnangagwa Junior’s Donation To Mbare Residents

Chin’ono To Testify In Camera
Hopewell Chin’ono

Chin’ono Responds To Emmerson Mnangagwa Junior’s Donation To Mbare Residents

Emmerson Mnangagwa Junior donated blankets and groceries to Matapi residents, a gesture that freelance journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says would be unnecessary if the economy was not collapsed.

According to music producer DJ Fantan, the president’s son visited “Chillspot recordz simply to find out how the studio operates,” and then decided to donate to the community and the disabled.

Fantan added that Mnangagwa donated groceries and blankets that have been distributed through Fantan’s studios, Chillspot recordz. He added:

This act of goodwill has touched the Hearts of residents who have been struggling to make ends meet during this time of the covid-19 pandemic.

We say God bless you Emmerson Mnangagwa Jnr and as Chillspot we hope to continue working with you especially on these acts of goodwill. Vakuru vakare vakati kupa kune mufaro kunokunda kugamuchira. [The ancient said giving with a cheerful heart is better than receiving.]

Fantan’s post attracted criticism from Chin’ono who said donations were not sustainable. Chin’ono also suggested that the first family had caused the suffering of the general populace and was now making donations expecting the public to be grateful. He said in response:

Zimbabweans don’t want donations Fantan, they want an economy that works so that they can buy whatever they want for themselves!

As a native of Mbare yourself, you are stripping your fellow brothers and sisters of their dignity by reducing them to being recipients of cheap donations!

They want hospital care, they want jobs, they want clean water, they want regular electricity, they want roads without potholes, they want a public transport system that works!
Are you going to get all that donated too?

You can’t rob through looting from public funds and then expect your victims to be thankful when you drop crumps, cheap blankets!

Have some respect for your people and fight for them to own their lives and not be beggars and recipients of cheap and insulting donations!

Get your new friend to ask his father to fix the economy by stopping corruption so that the young people in Mbare can look after themselves!

Any Zimbabwean who applauds this is an Idiot without self-respect for both themselves and these people who are being humiliated!

Ask yourselves why these people are living like rats!
Who is responsible?

Why do they need donations? Who is responsible?

Musa remare pfungwa mhani vafanha!!! [don’t be crazy]

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