Home Crimes & Courts Chinhoyi Police racks in $473 000 Lock down Fines

Chinhoyi Police racks in $473 000 Lock down Fines


Chinhoyi Police racks in $473 000 Lockdown Fines

Members of the general populace have been urged to adhere to the lockdown regulations to avoid being caught on the wrong side of the law.


This was revealed by Mashonaland West Provincial Police’s Assistant Com-missioner Francis Maswere, who is responsible for administration during a provincial Covid-19 Taskforce feedback meeting that was held at townhouse park.

Ass Comm Maswere said that out of a total 1302 arrests, the cumulative revenue as at April 27, stood at $473750.00 “Your Honourable, the province as at April 27, has so far arrested 1302 offend-ers for contravention of Statutory Instrument ( SI) 83 of 2020,” “From the total arrests cumulative revenue of $473 750.00 has been realized,” he said.

He added. “Chegutu and Kadoma districts recorded the highest figures with a total of $196 650.00 and $164 400.00 respectively,” “The other districts have realized an average of $20 000 with the exception of Makonde that had a total of 5142 400.00,” Ass Comm Maswere said that the police had deployed 1406 police officers throughout the province to enforce the lockdown and adherence.

“Your Honourable, we have deployed about 1406 police officers and we have about 3o roadblocks which are being manned by four police officers and four from the military to ensure compliance.

“We have also deployed foot and motorized patrols, including our intelligence agencies for surveillance,” he said. He added, “We also deployed some police officers to our two main ports of entry that is Kariba and Chirundu, however, we are facing some challenges because some of these areas are porous and people can use them to evade the police,”

“However, we will put all necessary measures to stop them from taking advantage of the porous areas,” he said.

Ass Comm Maswere said that the huge traffic movement of people was being necessitated by some business communities in Chinhoyi who were refusing to accept EcoCash and swipe.

“However, this huge traffic movement of the people is being necessitated by some business owners in Chinhoyi who are refusing to accept EcoCash and swipe payments,” “Another challenge we are facing is emanating from the shebeens which have sprouted in town like mushrooms.

“We are now playing hide and seek with those drinking at shebeens and also with the traders whom we have been having a cat and mouse game to ensure compliance,” he said.

Minister Mliswa urged the police to enforce compliance with all those who were refusing EcoCash and swipe payments.

“Here in Zimbabwe we use all forms of payments and if there are some businesses that are refusing to accept such kind of payments, it is better for them to close shop and stay at home.

“Kana vasingatambire mari yose ngavagare havo kumba voita lock-down. “Ass Comm you need to ensure that these businesses comply with my directive,” said Mliswa-Chikoka.


Mnangagwa’s thoughts on lockdown bares all: “if our people die, we cannot resuscitate them.”

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday hinted strongly that he would extend the lockdown beyond this Sunday to contain the spread of the new coronavirus saying his priority was to save lives.

Zimbabwe has been in lockdown since March 30, with the present restrictions due to end on Sunday, but Mnangagwa’s thoughts…full details

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