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Chinhoyi family hunts for buried treasure


IN a typical treasure hunt, a Chinhoyi family invaded a house in the town’s high density suburbs of Chinhoyi to dig for a hidden treasure that is believed to have been buried about 17 years ago.

The hunt for the hidden treasure was triggered by a spirit which possessed a girl from the Mutandwa family.

The Mutandwa family used to be tenants at the house in 2004. Droves of people flocked to the house to take a glimpse of the treasure hunt, as people dug for the hidden treasure, believed to be in United States dollars and South African rands.

The daughter, Melissa Mutandwa, refused to speak to the media. However, Nelia Mutandwa, the wife of the late Vhigi Gavi, who died in prison, told H-Metro that her daughter, Melissa, who was a toddler when Gavi went to prison in 2004, was possessed by her father’s spirit.

She said that her late husband had told her daughter through a spirit medium that his spirit was not going to rest until the family found the hidden treasure he had buried before he was incarcerated. Mutandwa said they were at home when Melissa fell down and they had to seek help from Madzibaba.

Melissa then got into a trance and started speaking like a spirit medium.

“My daughter fell down and got into a trance and we called Madzibaba, seeking divine intervention.

“She then instructed everyone to go outside as the spirit wanted to talk to me and my late husband’s younger brothers.

“Melissa’s father, speaking through the spirit, told us that his spirit was not going to rest until we found the hidden money,” said Mutandwa.

She added:

“We were told that the money was hidden near a pole at the house we used to rent back in 2004. “So, the spirit instructed Melissa to go and dig for the hidden treasure at the house,” said Mutandwa.

She said they ignored the instruction and went on with their daily chores. However, Melissa then left the house and went to the Huni family homestead and, without their consent, began the hunt for the hidden treasure, prompting the landlord to report the matter to the police, leading to Melissa’s arrest.

She was later taken to Chinhoyi Central Police Station and spent a night in custody for unlawful entry. Melissa was released the following morning and headed straight to the house to continue with her search in the presence of the police.

“We were told that the money was not much, but was enough for the family. The spirit told us that if we used the money wisely and not fight amongst ourselves, we would be shown more of the money which was in abundance.

“But in the event that we don’t find the treasure, we would have to go back home and continue with our normal life, since Melissa was left when she was one year and three months old,” said Mutandwa.

She said she didn’t know whether there was gold or money in the hidden treasure. Mutandwa said that it was very unfortunate that her husband died in prison.

The owner of the house, Faith Huni, told H-Metro that she just heard that there was treasure that was hidden in 2004.

She said that the late Gavi had no decent job and was believed to have been a criminal.

“Hanzi pakaiswa Mari. Pane mudzimu wabuda uchitaura kuti pakaiswa mari. Zvakaitika mugore ra2004. Ndipo pavaigara pamba apa.

“Vainge vasingashande. Vaiita basa rokungotora tora zvavo. Handizivi kuti mari iyi irikunzi yakadzika sei? Vadzimai vavo ndivo vangave noruzivo,” she said.

Added Huni:

“Handina kunyatsonzwisisa kuti mari iyi, iri mugaba, mubox kana kuti mumapaper bags. Mudzimu wababa vake ndiwo wakabuda pana Melissa,” said Huni.