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Chinese owned firm operating illegally: Zera

Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority is investigating a Chinese owned firm Saudi Fuels which has been operating in the country illegally without the authority’s licence to operate in fuel.

The company which employs about 15 people has been operating in the country for the past five years and there are revelations that some of the employees have not signed contracts since joining the company in 2015.

Without the contracts, the government is prejudiced of pay as you earn which is deducted from the employees’ earnings and there are suggestions that the employees have no contributions towards NSSA in the years they have worked for Saudi Fuels, which operates from home at Number 1 Uplands Close in Highlands.

In a statement on Wednesday, Zera CEO Edington Mazambani told H-Metro that Saudi Fuels was not registered with Zera and the regulatory authority was taking necessary steps to ensure that the law is observed.

“Please be advised that the alleged company is not licenced in terms of the Petroleum Act and therefore illegally.

“Zera will take the necessary steps to ensure that the law is observed,” he said.

Mazambani urged the public to continue bringing illegal issues to the Authority for the law to take course.

Source | H-Metro

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