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Chinese Company Sunny Yi Feng Tiles Closed For Not Complying With Environmental Regulations

Temba Mliswa at Chinese-owned Company Sunny Yi Feng Tiles Zimbabwe

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) has suspended the operations of Sunny Yi Feng Tiles Zimbabwe.

Sunny Yi Feng Tiles Zimbabwe is a tile manufacturer based in Norton. The company was shut down after it defied EMA’s order to install emission sampling points, The Herald reports.

In an interview with the publication, EMA spokesperson Ms Amkela Sidanke said they had ordered Sunny Yi Feng to halt all operation on or before 16 August 2020.

She said that on 5 August, Sunny Yi Feng had been ordered to establish emission sampling points for a sampling exercise that would be facilitated by the agency scheduled for August 12. Sidanke said:

However, on the date earmarked for the sampling exercise, the company failed to establish sampling points as had been requested by the agency and further to that, the boiler and furnace were switched off, making it technically impossible to do sampling, thus deliberately obstructing the course of justice.

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa mentioned on Twitter that Sunny Yi Feng was not the only company closed. He said that EMA had also closed Draishing and Norton Bricks.

He applauded EMA for shutting down companies that are not complying with environmental regulations.

He wrote:

No amount of money is worth the environment for the people. @EMAeep DG Chigona, thank you. It’s what we expect from you; to administer the EMA Act regardless of who it is. Protecting our environment is critical. This is a move that should cascade nationally not just in Norton.

Sunny Yi Feng operates three factories that manufacture tiles, printing cardboard boxes for packaging the tiles, and logistical support.

The company started producing tiles on May 12, 2019.

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