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Chihera invades Prophet Passion offices

Chihera invades Prophet Passion offices

A FORMER gospel artiste who turned to hooking men for MJOLO recently invaded Prophet Passion Java’s new offices in Hatfield.

Evidence Jiri’s unexpected visit to the man of cloth raised eyebrows following her recent confession that she dumped gospel music over bedding several men among them men of cloth.

Jiri, the woman behind ‘Team Chihera Gossip Family’ confirmed visiting Prophet Passion and described him as a true man of God.

“If I am to be asked to name one of the real prophets in this country, I would not hesitate to mention Prophet Passion because of his way of life,” said Chihera.

“Many prophets and pastors are trying to live unpractical life on earth in an effort to impress people, forgetting that they are human beings.

“Prophets and pastors are not different from any of us and our flesh, especially our private parts take time to adjust to spiritual power.

“Vanenge vari vanhu vaMwari asi ichi chinhu hachiponeswe zvekumhanya.

“I am surprised to find out that some of these men of cloth criticise Prophet Passion over what he does and posts on his social media pages.

“Commenting on his posts shows that they are following him and they must learn from him that helping people is what matters most rather than trying to impress people by pretending to be holier than thou.

“Prophet Passion ministers well at church and knows to give better life to his community away from the pulpit.

“Inini ndinotozobvuma kuti uyu aida Mwari kudarika mumwe kana tasangana kudenga tafa.

“Kana asiri waMwari anenge ari kugehena ini ndiri kuheaven kana kuti tinozotoshamisika tapinda kudenga.

“Hapana munhu ari perfect panyika.

“We have a number of prophets failing to help communities like what Prophet Passion is doing saka ini ndinoti Twabam mupfana uyuka munhu waMwari nekuda kwemwoyo wake.

“You cannot feel out of place when you are with Twabam; he makes you laugh always which is practical and realistic.

“Those who accuse him of bedding several women are running away from the fact that we are human beings going through sanctification and awaiting to be glorified,” said Chihera.

Chihera denied ever luring Prophet Passion saying she was accompanied by some artists she wanted to introduce to the man of cloth.

“My visit to Prophet Passion was to seek ideas on my new project ‘Get to know them’ that will see me meeting upcoming and legendary artists,” she said.

“I do not mix business and the old profession,” said Chihera.

In a video footage captured during Chihera’s visit at the offices, Prophet Passion is seen showing her all the rooms and responding to questions over bottles of Champaign she saw displayed in one of the rooms.

“Handinwe doro ini ndakapusiswa nechinamato,” Prophet Passion was heard saying responding to Chihera’s questions about liquor.

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