WOMEN have on many occasions been victims of social media abuse with several images and videos trending, mocking their dressing and make-ups.


These images target prominent women, with the latest development being the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba whose make-up while announcing the 2018 harmonised election results has been trending.

#Chigumbachallenge has been created.

Some people expressed their frustrations over the outcome of the results and took to social media mocking Chigumba through her make-up which appeared oily.

However, the mockery (#Chigumbachallenge), did not go down well with socialite and director of ceremonies Farirai Fari Wacho Mamombe who bemoaned abuse of women with positions of authority on social media.

“Women who abuse and mock fellow women on social media are retrogressive.

“Kuswero taura nezve ma eyebrows instead of us praising her for being in such a position as a woman.


“What have eyebrows and make-up to do with announcing presidential results, it was a hot seat for her, given a chance I would sit down with her and ask how she has made it to the top despite the challenges we face as women.

“I am not political and I have no comments pertaining results but I have a big problem with what women bring up as jokes.

“Men don’t care about eyebrows or our make-up, it’s us women vanozvinetsa and people like Chigumba are at a stage where make-up artistes scramble for them.

“But at that time, I guess she had no time for that because she had a lot on her table but at the end she is learned, smart and yet we feel good owning eye brows that cost us US$5.”

Added Fari Wacho:

“We need to get to a point where we make noise as mothers about our welfare not jokes about make-up, lets imagine a world where we bring up our needs daily be it on social media or whatever platform and be heard, jokes will take us nowhere.

“I am not defending the results but another woman and I have realised that women don’t support each other, men come in through sexual harassment.”

Fari Wacho further highlighted the abuse of vulnerable women.

“Female artistes have also fallen victims especially when they want a show, sexual harassment is very common.

“Women on the limelight, like Thokozani Khupe was labelled a whore for standing against Nelson Chamisa, what for, are we not allowed to rise up against men.

“You see vulnerability and as single mothers we deserve the same respect as the married, hatisi mahure, but have been through a lot of battles.”

Similar sentiments were echoed by musician Sarah Dee.

“As we women, tiri panhamo, for us female artistes, it’s even worse, they look at you and try to demand sex or vanogona kufunga uri easy go, vakakutadza they express their frustrations through social media abuse.

“They lie against you, we want respect as female artist, we are facing difficult moments, it’s tough, they enjoy seeing us begging, and they want to take advantage.

“I should have been far better than what I am today, but because I refused to be used.

“I think, that abuse should stop, that’s why I am working on Zim Twins show to give females a platform to be responsible.

“Let’s respect each other as women first.”

Some of the powerful women who have suffered abuse at the hands of social media bullies include First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa, Mary Chiwenga, Thokozani Khupe and many others.



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