Chiefs Demand UN Intervention In Gukurahundi


Chiefs Demand UN Intervention In Gukurahundi

Two anti-Gukurahundi chiefs from Matabeleland South province, chiefs Vezi Maduna and Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni have demanded the creation of an independent probe into the atrocities of the early 1980s including Gukurahundi.


The two chiefs wrote a letter to the ZANU PF national chairperson Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, demanding that the United Nations (UN) should be involved in the Gukurahundi probe.

The letter reads in part:

The letter serves to inform you as the national chairperson of the ruling party Zanu PF that on behalf of the … genocide victims of 1981-87, we the Ndebele chiefs have written to the United Nations (UN) secretary- general to set up an independent commission of inquiry to investigate this genocide and to bring perpetrators of it to book.

As you are aware, the genocide was well planned and implemented by the government, so we cannot expect the same government to investigate itself.

There is still a window of opportunity for this issue. However, silence and inaction by the government and your Zanu PF will not stop the actions that have been initiated in the international arena.


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