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Chiefs Bay For Fellow Chief ‘Charumbira’ Blood

Chief Dragged To Court For interfering In Politics

Chiefs Bay For Fellow Chief ‘Charumbira’ Blood

While the country of Zimbabwe gear up for the upcoming July 30th harmonized elections, traditional leaders have reportedly started pushing for the ouster of the Chiefs’ Council president Fortune Charumbira whom they accuse of frog-marching them into Zanu-PF politics when they were supposed to be non-partisan.

Chief Dragged To Court For interfering In Politics

It is reported that efforts are underway to strip Charumbira of his chieftainship after the Traditional Leadership Support Services Department (TLSSD) last year questioned his legitimacy.

The TLSSD memorandum to the minister provides a clear lineage of the Charumbira chieftainship, which excludes the incumbent Chief Charumbira.

“We refer to an application by F Mhihwa Mapingure to His Excellency (President Emmerson Mnangagwa) for the resolution of the Charumbira chieftainship dispute. After perusal of the Charumbira file, the department thinks that the claim has substance…

The Charumbira chieftainship was started by Mudavanhu Chief number one who passed on the chieftainship to his sons in order of seniority as follows: Mututuware − chief two, Mapingure − chief three, Mutana − chief four, Mataruse − chief five, Mudzimbasekwe − chief six, Mawoni − chief Seven, Magura − chief eight and Magyira − chief nine,” the memorandum read in part.

The council is set to hold elections for new office bearers today in Masvingo under the auspices of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec).



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