Chief Marange humiliated at Funeral


Chief Marange humiliated at Funeral

Chief Marange was allegedly humiliated and asked to leave at the funeral of Never Chinowaita in Bocha Area yesterday.

Chief Marange humiliated at Funeral

The embarrassing incident was after the chief did the unthinkable by demanding that mourners pay $5 for body viewing.He also threatened to halt the burial until his demands were met.

This did not go well with Chinowaita family members who were moaning their departed family member.They bluntly told Chief Marange that they did not call him for money but for the funeral.

This resulted in a squabble and Chief Marange was ordered to leave.

He was told that he had no right to stop the burial since the Registrar General has already given them the burial order.

He was also urged to always follow the constitution, section 282, Functions of Traditional leaders and being guided accordingly in order to stop further misunderstandings in the future.

Chinowaita mysteriously died while serving a customer at Vhumba Hardware at Sakubva Musika in Mutare on April 6.



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