The MDC-T youth Assembly chairman Happymore Chidziva has said the party youth note with utter disdain the continued arrogance by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC) in forwarding the interests of their unholy alliance with Zanu Pf at the detriment of the supreme law of the land.


“They, through their acts of deliberate commission and will full commission, have now for the umpteenth time proven to be a mere elections department of a faction of a political party (Zanu Pf) instead of being an independent commission that can deliver free, fair and credible in the make or break 30 July 2018 elections,” he said.

“It is with disgust that after denying the people’s party access to the voters roll before nomination court, delivering a bogus roll after nomination court, designing a dubious pattern of presidential ballots(to strategically position Emmerson Mnangagwa), denying the people’s movement an opportunity to monitor ballot paper printing and distribution (to ensure transparency against premarked ballots and chromatography rigging), Priscilla Chigumba has once again undermined the constitution and odered blatant rigging by secretly delivering ballot papers for rigging to various police stations in Zimbabwe.”

He said it is without doubt that the youth assembly regards all these phantom shenanigans as desperate stunts by Chigumba who is under pressure by the command element to subvert the will of the people by rigging im favour of the junta.

“This we will not allow. Never again are are allowing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to continue to be the architect of civil unrest, anarchy cooker, mayhem architect and dispondency ambassadors through suppressing the soul of the nation by rigging. We have not yet forgotten that in 2008, Zanu-PF led by the then Robert Mugabe’s chief election agent ( Emmerson Mnangagwa) used rigged results by ZEC as a foundation for them to maim, torture, kill, rape displace, abduct and terrorize Zimbabweans whose only ‘crime’ was to have voted for democracy and transformation as reoresented by president Morgan Tsvangirai (May his soul rest in power),” he said.

“The MDC-T youth assembly fully considers attempted rigging in Bulawayo by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission as a signal to give to Priscilla Chigumba and her handlers (Emmerson Mnangagwa and Constantino Chiwenga) the earthquake they requested. We can no longer fold our arms when a few malicious elements want to reverse the democratic gains of the liberation and democratic struggles we have made from the times of Mbuya Nehanda till now, the times of Zimbabwe incoming president Nelson Chamisa.”

He said the youth assembly fully appreciates the alarms of democracy raised by patriotic members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) who alerted us of the attempted rigging.

“They are true heroes who have secured a better future for us all and future generations. We will soon be making calls on all the youth of Zimbabwe to rise up to stop ZanuPf through ZEC to rob us of this generational opportunity for real transformation. We are taking peaceful measures to stop ZEC from arresting our future and fueling chaos in our beloved nation,” he said.