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Chibuku Super Cup $20 & $50 entry fees exorbitant: ZNSSA

Chibuku Super Cup

Chibuku Super Cup $20 & $50 entry fees exorbitant: ZNSSA

The Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association (ZNSSA) statement on the Chibuku Super Cup entry fees.

“As Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association, we are shocked to learn about the exorbitant fees which the PSL has pegged for the quarter finals of the Chibuku Super Cup.

US$20 and US$50 for the rest of the ground and VIP section respectively to watch a game of 90 minutes is too way high for an ordinary Zimbabwean football fan.

As ZNSSA, we say, this is totally wrong and unacceptable. What criteria did the PSL use to reach at those ridiculous entrance fees. This is pure madness at play.

Our main worry is that, why is the PSL charging the fees in the United States dollars to start with.

The majority of our football members and fans earn their salaries in the local currency. Why did it not charge the entrance fees in our local RTGS currency is the million-dollar question.

What is it that the PSL is importing into the country for the games to be played, which requires foreign currency.

We guess it’s not one of those money making schemes to line up their pockets at the expense of soccer loving football fans.

The government must intervene and reign in these soccer vampires who want to go against the economical regulations of this country.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe can you please ask PSL why they are charging in forex and why are they shunning our local currency.

The PSL should have charged in local currency first not the other way round. Something is fishy about all this and as supporters’ representative we need answers. Heads must roll at PSL.

The SRC and ZIFA should reign in the wayward PSL and knock some sense into it. Our football supporters are crying for help.

They look up to you. Please do not disappoint them. Or else you you will be also found in complicity with the PSL’s shenanigans.

The Zimbabwean football fan has been denied entrance into stadia for a long time due to the effects of the Corona virus pandemic.

Now that the government has given the green light for a maximum of 2000 vaccinated fans to watch a soccer match in a stadium. Someone at PSL wants to stifle and hamper that welcome directive by charging exorbitant fees.

That is a slap in the face for the Zimbabwean soccer supporter. We cannot keep quiet and watch while our football is being strangled and literally killed by this greedy PSL.

Just imagine on top of their 20 and 50usd fees, a supporter has to travel to travel to Ngezi, that’s another cost. On top of that a supporter has to fork out accommodation fees if he or she decides to stay there for the two days.

This clearly shows that the PSL is not sincere about the soccer loving fans.

The PSL is only interested in receiving the fat cheque at the expense of the soccer starved supporter.

It wants to get rich in a day, is that possible or it wants to gamble with our hearts and finances.

When the ZNSSA Secretary General reached out to the PSL Chief Executive Officer, Kenny Ndebele to enquire about the these overpriced and unlawful fees his response was, “Hope you know that the money is going to their clubs who have been paying staff salaries for the past 2 years”.

Like seriously, they want to cover their 2 year expenses in two days, that sounds ridiculous. This is really uncalled for and it shows poor management at its best on the part of PSL.

In conclusion, we urge the PSL to charge their entrance fees in our local currency.

The fees must be reasonable and must be affordable to the ordinary football fan, who is the owner of the game, just to borrow from Charles CNN Mabika’s words.

Going forward, the PSL must consult with the football supporters bodies before making decisions which affect supporters.

As ZNNSA we urge our members and supporters not to attend the Chibuku Super Cup quarter finals if the PSL cannot climb down on its exorbitant fees of madness. Let the games be played in empty stadia.

Our members can watch the games on the internet as has become the new normal. We cannot be taken for granted by the PSL.

Joseph Mutawu ZNNSA Secretary General”

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