Blessing Chebundo the MDC politician who defeated President Emmerson Mnangagwa twice in the Kwekwe parliamentary elections has highlighted that Mnangagwa is not as shrewd as many people think.


After defeating Mnangagwa in 2000 and in 2005, Chebundo claims that he has the recipe for making “crocodile meat”, Chebundo said.

“I equated this to a soccer match where you play the opponent at home and away. I felled him both home and away, proving to my detractors that Mnangagwa is actually someone who is easy to beat in an election…I used to tell our late President Tsvangirai that if Mnangagwa happens to be your opponent in an election, just come to me; I have the recipe to beat him.

“In as much as he is called Crocodile, I actually have the recipe to prepare crocodile meat…He is not as crafty or as shrewd a politician that people think he is.”