Cheating Man Bonks Bestie’s Wife In Graveyard

A BULAWAYO couple’s marriage hit the rocks after the wife cheated with her husbands friend for five years.


Njabulo Moyo decided to walk out of his s 17-year-old marriage to Prisca Gumbo he found out his friend and ex workmate Victor Sibanda was sleeping with her .

Sibanda, the third party in the saga also happened to be married to one Precious Moyo.

Sibanda allegedly turned his work station at at Luveve Cemetery where he is a security guard into a se_x spa for himself and his friend’s wife.

Precious Moyo found out about her husband’s philandering ways and then applied for a protection order against Gumbo.

The court asked Sibanda on the way forward as he was interested in both his wife and girlfriend.

In his reply, he said that he was still interested in his marriage but also in love with Gumbo.

“Your Worship, I am not denying any allegations and I confess I am caught in between. I am still interested in my marriage” he said.

He claimed to have the capacity to look after both women.

“I am going to iron issues with my wife. On the other hand I will continue supporting my girlfriend because I love her too” Sibanda added.

The magistrate advised both parties to refrain from violence and try to solve their issue amicably.

As for Gumbo’s husband, Njabulo, he said he was disappointed but he was no longer interested in his marriage with Gumbo as Sibanda said he was going to continue supporting her.

“I am very disappointed. I took Sibanda as a friend who was more like a brother to me. He is not even ashamed of destroying my marriage. In court he said that he will continue supporting my wife meaning their love life continues” said the heartbroken” Njabulo.


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