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Cheating Chitungwiza Women Sent packing!

Cheating Chitungwiza Women Sent packing!

Two married women, now divorced after one of them was caught cheating, have been sent back to their parents’ homes.

Tarisai Chakuma, 27, told H-Metro that her husband Yani Sangweni’s relatives forced her lover Blessing Toro to hire a truck which ferried her belongings to Seke’s Unit L suburb.

Linda Chiwapu’s husband Vincent Kativhu also hired a truck and ferried her belongings to Epworth following a binge that saw her in the company of a lover who she spent a night with at a bar in Zengeza.

Chakuma said her parents were expecting Sangweni (28) to come and explain his position on the divorce.

“Ndakadzingwa pamba nehama dzemurume asi handizivi kuti murume wangu ndizvo zvaakaudza hama dzake here,” said Chakuma.

“I was denied access to some of my property.

“I am now staying with one of my relatives in Unit L and I am expecting my husband to come and meet my parents to discuss the matter since I was not given time to explain. “No date has been set yet ,” said Chakuma. Toro was forced to pay US$20 which was used to hire the truck to ferry Chakuma’s belongings to Unit L.

Kativhu told H-Metro that he hired a truck

and ferried Linda’s belongings to her parents home in Epworth.

“From Mayambara, we went home and had a meeting that saw Linda leaving and we took her belongings with her to Epworth where she is now staying with her parents,” said Kativhu.

“That was the end of my marriage with her,” he added.

Chakuma was caught bedding Toro in her matrimonial bedroom in Mayambara village in Seke on Sunday and she went on to expose her married friend Linda (23).

Toro was assaulted and detained from 11pm till mid-morning the following day.

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