Chatunga responds to Mudiwa’s paoverty is a mindset statement

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Keith T Mambo
Keith T Mambo
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Chatunga responds to Mudiwa’s poverty is a mindset statement

Mudiwa has been trending on social media for all the good reasons in trying to motivate his generation in business and relationships.

In his recent book Shut up and make money he explains how poverty is a mindset that requires to be dealt with.

Others have criticised this assertion implying that in this situation that many youths find themselves in, it is rather being prepared for an opportunity because many are trying out hard but it is just not adding up.

The remarks were made by Chatunga on his Twitter timeline. Many agreed with him citing that the implication of saying poverty is a mindset denotes that those whose opportunities have not yet come are just as dull as those who never try.


The book shut up and make many has been making a lot of waves in the streets and Mudiwa has also announced he will be releasing another book focusing on relationships.

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