Chaos in Harare CBD as passengers line up for cheap ZUPCO buses: Pics


Chaos in Harare CBD as passengers line up for cheap ZUPCO buses: Pics.

There was chaos last night in Harare as commuters jostled for cheap Zupco buses. The crowd couldn’t afford the high prices being charged buy Kombis after a dramatic rise of fuel announced by ZERA after having saying fuel prices were not being increased.

Zupco busThis led to the Kombis increasing their bus fares, making it difficult for Harare residents. Zupco a government entity in transport than slashed its prices from RTGS$ 1.00 to RTGS$0.50 which caused people to use them and you know what the masses do when something cheap is available.

Harare CBDThere were chaotic scenes in Harare CBD yesterday as a multitude of commuters jostled the bus terminuses for the ZUPCO buses which provide a cheaper transportation alternative to the kombis charging exorbitant fares.

CommutersThe ‘free’ ZUPCO buses are charging 50c a trip in the local areas. It’s such a shame to see how things are turning up to be in our country. Truly the government has failed us.

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