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Chaos Breaks Out In Bulawayo Over Mealie-Meal Shortages During National Lockdown

Chaos Breaks Out In Bulawayo Over Mealie-Meal Shortages During National Lockdown
There was pushing and shoving at a long winding queue for mealie meal at Nketa Shopping Centre yesterday.

Chaos reigned supreme at a local shop in Bulawayo yesterday after angry residents who had queued up for mealie meal for hours were informed that the commodity had run-out.

Anti-riot police had to be summoned to disperse the huge crowd at Fortwell Wholesalers along 12th Avenue and Hebert Chitepo Street.

According to reports, what escalated the chaos were allegations that the shop’s management was prioritizing their friends and family and sidelining residents who had queued for hours.


Back-up from Tshabalala Police Station had to be called to control the crowd, all to no avail, leading to the shop owners closing their shop after the intervention of residents’ association leaders who directed that the mealie-meal would now be sold today.

‘We are seeing police officers buying mealie meal and being given via the back entrance and they are coming with other people, maybe they are their wives.

They are loading the mealie meal; into a kombi, yet they are chasing us away. If as police they want mealie meal, why don’t they arrange with the shop owner or millers and get it properly like how other companies are doing for staff, such arrangements are there. But for us to be chased away here like dogs after spending such a long time is unfair,’fumed Mr Brighton Msindo.

‘Prices have gone up considerably since the announcement of the lockdown. They keep going up daily, so we need to buy as much food as we can with the little, we have before our money loses more value,’ said an angry shopper.


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