Chaos at Seke Teachers College


Chaos at Seke Teachers College

THERE was chaos at Seke Teachers College yesterday after third year students were barred from sitting for their final year examinations due to non-payment of fees.

Chaos at Seke Teachers College

Around 150 students missed their first module Professional Studies Syllabus A exams as they were barred. The situation went out of hand with students protesting.

College principal Dr Ephraim Mutubuki had to address the students to quell the noise.

“You don’t have the statements of results and it means that you are not registered students so you cannot sit for the examinations.

“The only way you can be able to write is when you provide your statements of entry.

“It is not the college’s wish for you to miss your examinations but you know we are under the University of Zimbabwe and it said it will not process the results for unregistered students.

“If you pay your college fees today and provide the statement of entry, you can even write the exams tomorrow but don’t come to me as an individual to say you have paid and you want to write, it won’t be possible,” said Mutubuki.

The principal also told the students that they won’t be allowed to defer, all they need to do is pay up.

“The college will not allow you to defer because what will be the reason for deferring.

“Lecturers are even instructed not to collect the course work of those unregistered students because it will be just a waste of time,” he added.

Dean of students Ms Zvanyanya also told them that they needed to pay their college fees for them to sit for their examinations.

“You are a very lucky group to be given a chance to write after exam dates.

“The fact remains that you pay your fees and sit for the exams thereafter.

“We also understand that people are different and their sources of money is different but logically, no exam will be written in groups of ten,” said Zvanyanya.

One of the students, Dereck Muromo said they needed to come up with a date which they think they would have paid up the fees.

“Guys let’s just agree on a date which we think we will have paid up the college fees and work on that,” said Muromo.

The students came up with three different dates and it is now left for the college to decide on the dates.


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