Chaos As ED And Chiwenga Sing, “We Are Now Changing The Laws” | WILL INVESTORS PUT THEIR MONEY NOW?


Chaos As ED And Chiwenga Sing, “We Are Now Changing The Laws” | WILL INVESTORS PUT THEIR MONEY NOW?

There was drama in Marondera when ZANU PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa, his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga, and environment minister Oppah Muchinguri danced and sang to a track that declares that they are now changing the laws.

Chaos As ED And Chiwenga Sing, “We Are Now Changing The Laws” | WILL INVESTORS PUT THEIR MONEY NOW?

Said Mnangagwa, soon after dancing to the song Kutonga Kwaro…Takuchinja mutemo – we are now changing the laws: “We now have a new Zimbabwe a New Era a new dawn, as many as we are so that we know that we do not all see things the same and understand things the same but the word the great work I am giving you is that we have entered a new Zimbabwe the second Republic of Zimbabwe. After entering into the second Republic of Zimbabwe right here in Mash East, Marondera, it is so important for us to remind each other about the heroes who came from this area who liberated our country bringing us to where we are right now without forgetting that we have leaders who lead us to get to where we are right now. So as we are writing about the history of the country there are certain people we can not forget or omit who come from this area. There are many who came from this area we have George Nyandoro,. We have Dr Parirenyatwa not this one who is just a son. We still have the seed today. We have comrade Kadungure. We have Rex Nhongo… so many people who came from this area who we can not exclude. I won’t be able to name all of them but all I can say is just be a happy province, this area cannot be forgotten in the list of those who have to be remembered always.

The journey we are travelling in this new dispensation we must know who we are because we have gathered here as zanu-pf the party that has got a long history from way back in the 1960s up to where we are right now. Right now there are so many other parties that have come later no we do not have anything to do with them but they’re not here is just continuing and continuing and ruling and continuing to rule while we continue to rule us as ZANU PF.

We will remain ruling, until we continue ruling, and we will continue because we are rulers we are ZANU PF. All those others let them do what they are doing but we will continue ruling them. ”

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