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‘Changamire Dombo’ has capacity

‘Changamire Dombo’ has capacity

‘Changamire Dombo’ has capacity

Germany based writer, Phillip Gwatidzo, believes his book “Changamire Dombo-The Legend” has the capacity to capture global attention, inspire Africans and educate non-Africans on who we are as a people and where we come from.

“Changamire Dombo-The Legend”, is a 227 page and 24-chapter fictional tale that reincarnates the story of Changamire Dombo and is Gwatidzo’s debut release.

“The book is available on Amazon.

In an interview with H-Metro, the 30-year-old writer said that book has been well received since its release a few weeks


“The response has been overwhelmingly great, with the book currently having being purchased in 10 countries across

Europe, USA, Canada, Austrailia, Qatar just to mention a few.

“The demand from countries that are unfortunately not Amazon friendly like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana.

Namibia, Cameroon, Gambia, Ethopia, Guinea and even as far as South Sudan is high.

“A few people have already completed the read as well and are already demanding the sequel.

“It just confirms for me that the way our history has been structured in this book has the capacity to capture global attention and also inspire Africans and educate non Africans on who we are as a people and where we come from.

“I firmly believe, as the territory I wrote on has never been explored by any writer I could find in my research, that

Changamire Dombo can be the seed into African literature that inspires other writers to start storytelling African stories

from a point of power, pride and inspiration.”

He added:

“I have received confirmation of over 50 copies sold in the first 15 days something worth being proud of for an indie publisher.”

He also revealed that he is working on his next book.

“Having taken a break from Changamire Dombo’s storyline to give the first book time to yield as well as perfect the sequel.

“I am currently working on a title called “Bahram – an unfamiliar migratory story that is all too familiar” and this book

takes one on a journey of a migrant, from when they leave home due to being a subject of political interest, and ends up

in Germany where he settles and starts adapting to his new life.

“The book masquarades an Iranian, simply because I realised during my own migration that despite being situated in

two different locations, Iranians and Zimbabweans had many similarities in their lifestyle, their history, as well as their cultural behavioral patterns, and it not only subconsciously points out the similarities between these two nations, but also

has something relatable with anyone that has ever left their birth country to go and start life elsewhere.

“’Living in Germany now, its indeed a book of interest for the German market, as it paints a picture to the Germans, of

what it is like viewing their society as a new entry, and someone who has a dual or multi perspective of societies.

“I am pretty excited to complete this project, mainly because of its contributes to a diverse of cultures but also importantly, educating people on the realities of migration as opposed to the fantasies and stereotypes that are painted out there.”

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