Chamisa’s Lawyers Confident Of Court Victory


Chamisa’s Lawyers Confident Of Court Victory

Advocate Thabani Mpofu, who is representing Chamisa’s bid to challenge the presidential election results at the Constitutional Court,today said he is confident of winning the case.

Chamisa’s Lawyers Confident Of Court Victory

Addressing members of the media in the capital, Advocate Mpofu indicated that dispite the difficulties in the judiciary system they are optimistic of a victory.

“The process has its difficulties but there are certain things that must be done and we are confident of one particular outcome,” said Advocate Mpofu adding that they have a thousand lawyers on their side.

Chamisa last week rejected the presidential results announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), describing them as “fake”.

“We have gone through the results and they are a total negation of the will of the people . The anti rigging mechanism have taken effect and have helped us greatly in showing where things went wrong.

“Zimbabweans are entitled to a proper election and the evidence we have is so clear and so convincing we are happy with them,” he said.

The court challenge, which Advocate Mpofu couldn’t divulge on when it will be filed, is likely affect Mnangagwa’s inauguration, which has been set for Sunday at the National Sports Stadium.

The court will have at least 14 days to conclude the matter before Mnangagwa can be sworn in if the result is not overturned.

There is speculation that MDC-Alliance did not post agents in at least 200 polling stations and thus does not have V11 forms.

A V11 form is an original document carrying results from a polling station and is signed by agents of all contesting parties.



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