Chamisa’s Lawyer Defeated Chiwenga

The divorce of VP Constantino Chiwenga and former wife Jocelyn which turned nasty in 2014 was handled by Advocate Thabani Mpofu with him being on the side of the wife in question.

Chamisa’s Lawyer Defeated Chiwenga

This is the same advocate Mpofu who is now leading the MDC Alliance case in the Electoral court…

Constantino Chiwenga lost that case of divorce to the wife. The coincidence is that Chiwenga would want to kill Advocate Mpofu as the advocate proclaimed… Bad history between the two in my view.

But that’s just my opinion…


Zodwa Wabantu Breaks The Internet Again!

Zodwa Wabantu shows all at the #VDJ2018 – Pictures… It all started last year when Zodwa Wabantu shocked everyone with her dress at the Vodacom Durban July.

Zodwa Wabantu Breaks The Internet Again!

This year though she has stepped up her game and is even showing more than she showed last year. She already promised that she won’t be wearing any un….MORE HERE



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