Chamisa Urges Supporters To Fast This Week As Elections Loom


Chamisa Urges Supporters To Fast This Week As Elections Loom

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa yesterday told his supporters to partake in fasting for the whole week to facilitate smooth transition of power from the ruling Zanu PF party to the opposition after the July 30 elections.

“This whole week (from Monday to Saturday) there is need for fasting,” Chamisa said.

“To all those who can (fast) please do so and fast for your country. Then on July 29, that is on Sunday, it should be a national day of prayer. We want to ensure a smooth cross-over.”

It is alleged that Chamisa’s call came after MDC Alliance women assembly early this month said they would fast every Friday for Chamisa for God to be with him in this election.

The women also reportedly declared that on July 30 they would camp close to polling stations until Chamisa gets keys to State House. The MDC Alliance leader declared that there was not going to be a run-off in this year’s election as he would emerge the “ultimate winner” in the plebiscite.


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