While many in the MDC understandably claimed it would never happen, hoping that it wouldn’t, it seems now as if it is finally official.


MDC Alliance President Mr Nelson Chamisa is giving Grace and Robert Mugabe his Vice-President position in return for their support, financial or otherwise.

In an interview with Voice of America (VOA) Zimbabwe on Friday last week, NPF women’s league chairperson Mrs Sarah Mahoka let the cat out of the bag indicating that the fledgling political formation has decided to support Mr Chamisa in return for the Vice President’s post.

“Bato redu arikuritungamirira izvozvi iyezvinohatina president kuNPF. President wedu isusu ndi(Nelson) Chamisa. Chamisa ndiye achapindapahupresident, isusu tinotora hudeputy,” said Mrs Mahoka.

“Isusu takatobatana neAlliance because tinodakubvisa junta yakabvisa baba vaMugabe, vachitibaba vaMugabe vakura,” she added.

Spokesperson of the NPF faction that is presently being fronted by interim president Ms Eunice Sandi-Moyo – who took over after the recent purported ouster of Brigadier-General Ambrose Mutinhiri on June 8 – corroborated Mrs Mahoko’s position, saying the senior party member was speaking from an “informed position”.

“Cde Sarah Mahoka is a senior member of the party and she was speaking from an informed position. She was very accurate in her statement because it is a fact that our party is supporting Mr Nelson Chamisa to be President. That is definite,” said Mr Mawarire.

“She was also talking about the negotiations that we are having with the MDC Alliance where we have submitted our request that one of our members should be the Vice President.”

He was, however, evasive on who was likely to assume the envisaged Vice President’s post.

“The party will choose the person. We have our own mechanisms as a party to choose the candidate. The Vice President will come from the people who support our party. I cannot pre-empt the name of that candidate,” he said.

What is clear is that whoever the NPF choose will be a Mugabe proxy and will push forward their agenda. The Mugabes’ pick will not be a silent partner in the relationship with Mr Chamisa, but will have an agenda solely based on what is good for Grace and Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwe will once again be under Mugabe rule. Mr Nelson Chamisa will be the Trojan horse that will deliver the Mugabes back into the heart of Zimbabwean power and will be one heartbeat away from the presidency.

We all know that Mr Chamisa is becoming increasingly desparate. The polls are showing his support waning, his finances are dwindling, but to sell out our country to the Mugabes is unforgiveable.

Mr Chamisa may be young, but he experienced enough of Zimbabwe under the Mugabes to know what returning them to a position of power means.

It means repression, oppression and dictatorship.

It means that our country will return to the dark chapters of our past where opposition demonstrations will be banned, critics intimidated and the security forces a nightmare for any freedom-loving Zimbabwe citizen.

None of this apparently disturbs Mr Chamisa. He sees the prize of State House and will anything or anyone to reach the hallowed position.

If Mr Chamisa does win the elections, he had better look over his shoulder at all times because the Mugabes don’t like to be ‘vice’ or ‘deputy’ of anything, and they will do everything in their then considerable power to eliminate the one remaining obstacle to returning to supreme power.

When that happens, neither Mr Chamisa, nor his supporters and voters will be able to say anything. Those who shouted and screamed from the rooftops to the MDC leader not to do this shocking act will be able to say “we told you so!”

However, it will then be too late for Zimbabwe.