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Chamisa Promises A Democratic Government

We Are Committed To Sincere Dialogue - Chamisa

Chamisa Promises A Democratic Government

Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the opposition MDC Alliance this Monday promised a government that will promote and enhance democracy.

He said under the “our government” no one will be arrested for rights and freedoms enshrined in the constitution such as the right to demonstrate and freedom of expression. He said in a Twitter post:

Under OUR GOVERNMENT nobody would be beaten, abducted, attacked or maimed for demonstrating, no one will be arrested for politics. Jail will be strictly for criminals, the corrupt & thieving. We’ll encourage free expression & difference of opinion.



He attached a picture of incarcerated MDC Alliance youth leader, Makomborero Haruzivishe, who was arrested and convicted for “inciting public violence” after protesting demanding the release of students leader, Takudzwa Ngadziore.

The government is being accused of gross violation of human rights, one of the things the MDC Alliance intends to capitalise on to win the 2023 general elections.

MDC Alliance is also using the failure of the government led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to effectively deal with burning economic, humanitarian and political crises.

In other news,


A BUS driver reportedly killed his wife in full view of his two minor children in Ushewokunze on Monday night.


Tinashe Paunosvisva (41) was said to have struck his wife Ronah Masango with an axe several times before he fled the scene.

Masango’s body was left on the…Full Story


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