“Chamisa Is Tsvangirai’s Firstborn Left To Lead The Family Of The MDC” – Chibaya Warns Challengers

MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa has received a ringing endorsement from the party’s national organising secretary Amos Chibaya who warned potential challengers that they risked plunging themselves into the political dustbin by challenging Chamisa. Chibaya is quoted by NewsDay as saying,

Chamisa was born in 1978. That is the same year that Morgan Tsvangirai’s firstborn, Edwin, was born. So, in short, Chamisa is Tsvangirai’s first born left to lead the family of the MDC.

In short, once you begin to think that Chamisa must be removed from the helm at the Congress, you should realise that your ancestors have forsaken you and you have lost your senses.

Chamisa is the man of the moment from the grassroots going up and anyone wishing to challenge him will just be throwing themselves in the political dustbin.

He is yet to finish the mandate he was given by our late father Tsvangirai that is to take Zimbabwe to the glory days. He must not be disturbed in that regard and we will not entertain any side-shows sponsored by our opponents.

There has been much speculation that the ruling Zanu-PF party has raised US$6 million to ensure that Chamisa is not selected as the leader of the opposition at the party’s Congress which is set for October. The first one without founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai.


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