In November, we witnessed something quite remarkable. We witnessed something many of us, indeed most of us, never believed we would ever witness. This was not merely a magnificent moment of freedom for Zimbabwe. This was a magnificent moment for Africa, and a monumental moment in global politics.


The world stood up and remembered Zimbabwe. The pariah state all of a sudden became a state welcomed back into the international community. The world looked on as a new democracy was born, as a people took their fate into their own hands. Not a shot was fired. No violence. No injuries. History was in the making.

Yet while we all looked forward with a sense of hope. Nelson Chamisa, you had other ideas. You were on the first plane to the US, to go and see some friends in congress. And what were you calling for? Sanctions! Just as we were all looking forwards, you were looking backwards. When progress was the name of the day, you were looking to punish the people of Zimbabwe further.

Upon your return you decided to lie to the Zimbabwean people. You told us that you were promised 15 billion dollars if you were to win the next elections. The US denied it. You told us you met with Trump. The US denied it. The Trump administration? Guess what? The US denied that too. So one whole trip was designed to pile on pressure on your own country which was finally moving in the right direction. Treacherous.

And so recently when you called for our elections to be outsourced to SADC or the AU, I was not surprised. You don’t believe in the institutions of Zim or the people of Zim. Sovereignty for you is an outdated concept. ED has invited observers from over 45 countries to observe our democratic moment; to comment, to approve, to disapprove, but not to run it! SADC, we hear, have already authorized the readiness of ZEC to run these elections. Yet you are still not convinced.

It is as if through your extensive travels around the world, you have adopted a somewhat quasi colonial mentality. Well it’s time you were told the cold hard truth, our sovereignty is not for sale. Our votes are our sovereignty, and our democratic process belongs to us.

As the president likes to say, “The voice of the people is the voice of God”. Now Nelson, I’m not saying you have to agree with the president on everything. But to disenfranchise the Zimbabwean people with every move? To call for more sanctions just as our country is moving forward? This is in fact more than disenfranchising, this is debilitating and decapitating all in one go.

I know you were not on the streets in November, Nelson. I know you weren’t there to celebrate the removal of the Mugabes, Nelson. How do I know this? I know this because you are still negotiating with the Mugabes. Because you have run out of money and are doing deals with the Mugabes. Because you have welcomed Grace into the party and because you have allowed Mugabe’s own NPF to stand with you at your rallies.

Your political cynicism which is allowing the Mugabes back into the political arena reaches the deepest depths of disloyalty, and demonstrates a complete lack of faith in Zim.

As we march forward in this new and exciting era, I urge you all to believe in the new Zimbabwe, its institutions, its people, and its spirit. We are finally moving in the right direction as a proud sovereign nation. We should therefore embrace the world as an equal partner; because Nelson, colonialism went out of fashion a long time ago.



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