Chamisa Can’t See 2018 Elections Are Already Rigged


Chamisa Can’t See 2018 Elections Are Already Rigged

MDC are determined to take part in these elections regardless of all the evidence that these elections are not going to be free and fair.

Chamisa warns Mnangagwa

There is no way anyone, even with the best will in the world, produce a clean and verified voters’ roll in a few months much less in two weeks. Chamisa is insisting “MDC is not going to be frog marched into these flawed elections!” and yet that is exactly what is happening or be it by their own greed.

“See you at State House!” Chamisa said at the end of the interview. His eyes are fixed on the State House he cannot see that the elections are being rigged.

Daily News Tries To Make Chamisa Eat Mnangagwa’s Ice Cream
Wilbert Mukori

ZCTU has told MDC that these elections are not free, fair and credible and they must therefore pull out. This is not the first time MDC leaders have been warned of the sheer folly of taking part in flawed elections; SADC leaders warned them in 2013.

What makes ZCTU’s warning significant is that they are one of the few Zimbabwean institutions to say it loud and clear that it is insane to contest flawed elections. If SADC and the international community were going to hesitate declaring these elections null and void on the premiss that Zimbabweans themselves are happy with rigged elections they now know better!

Zimbabweans do not want rigged elections and they know these elections are being rigged. All we are asking for is for the elections to be declared null and void so we can have a chance to implement the democratic reforms. That is not too much to ask!