It is truly frightening how many people want to undo the peaceful revolution of last November, bring Robert and Grace Mugabe back to power, and support Nelson Chamisa for president in the upcoming elections.


Many Zimbabweans are left scratching their heads at the illogic of this, but it has become a more and more popular opinion, and it begs many questions.

The latest person to share this previously seemingly impossible position is Mugabe nephew and former minister, Patrick Zhuwao. Zhuwao wrote that he would like to “remove” the current government and “restore” the former regime.

“I also support Nelson Chamisa as the Presidential Candidate for the 2018 elections,” Zhuwao wrote in the very next sentence.

More and more of both Mugabe and Chamisa’s supporters are talking almost identically, and seemingly are seeking the very same results in the harmonised elections.

It is becoming increasingly clear that while they may not appear officially on the same ticket, Chamisa and Mugabe have basically become running mates.

Chamisa and Mugabe are now in complete lock-step about what will come after the elections should they win, and it means the frightening thought of the Mugabes once again holding power in Zimbabwe, undoing all the democratic and progressive gains we have made over the last seven or so months.

The relationship between Chamisa and Robert and Grace Mugabe has become so strong it is no longer a secret and both sides have no shame broadcasting it, whether at rallies or in the media.

Chamisa speaks proudly of the fact that Mugabe and his band of thugs are supporting him in the presidential elections, allowing them to speak at his events and is almost daily speaking positively about Robert and Grace.

Mugabe’s NPF have told all their supporters to vote for Chamisa, because voting Chamisa will apparently undo the peaceful revolution, return the dictatorship, end the new found freedom in Zimbabwe and turn back the clocks.

What was said quietly before is now being said out in the open.

A vote for Chamisa is a vote against the new Zimbabwe.

It is against progress, freedom and development. It is a return to the bad old Zimbabwe, where once again the voice of the people will be suppressed and ignored.

It is understandable that the Mugabes and their stooges seek this, they did well out of their three decades of rule, but to have a leader of the MDC have a hand in this is perhaps the most enraging part of this dark alliance that seeks to return us to the past.

The MDC were the party of progress and peace, but are now in direct opposition to the party that Morgan Tsvangirai led with honour, steadfastness and distinction for so many years. The MDC and the NPF are allies in all but name and seek exactly the same future.

This is the type of future that the majority of good Zimbabweans stood against when they peacefully ended the Mugabe nightmare in November. Unfortunately, it seems that we must stand peacefully again in direct opposition to end its possible resurgence when on July 30th we place our ballots.

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