Chamisa Accused Of ‘Feeding’ Youth With Crango, Musombodia At His Rallies

‘MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa and his national executive needed to go through Zanu PF’s Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology for them to learn how to run a political party, ruling party deputy youth league leader Lewis Matutu said yesterday.


Matutu spoke out at a press briefing that Chamisa had been fanning violence at his rallies by feeding youths with alcohol before they turn on each other in brutal fistfights.

He said the opposition party leader had no “a sense of direction” and was welcome to go through Zanu PF’s ideological orientation.

“Chamisa doesn’t understand what it means to be a leader and what it means to build (or) work for an economy. He doesn’t understand how to run a political party, this would probably push me to think that indeed he is an illegitimate leader as no political party would like to be led by such a person,” Matutu said.

“We are also appealing and inviting Chamisa and his executive to attend the Chitepo School of Ideology so that they get some orientation on leadership. It’s open to all Zimbabweans, including Chamisa, and the whole of the MDC-T leadership. We have already consulted the principal (Munyaradzi) Machacha and he has agreed. Chamisa needs to attend lessons on the founding principles of a nation maybe he can be groomed and mentored into a leader.”

Matutu accused the MDC Alliance presidential candidate of abusing the youths with alcohol.

“As youth league we denounce the gospel of violence that he [Chamisa] has been preaching and spreading all over, in-as-much as we are Zanu PF youth league we take the responsibility of our colleagues who are being abused in other political parties.

“We hear of crango, musombodia (illicit imported brews) nema (and) super (local millet beer) so that they can shout and fight each other. We have seen what has happened in Bulawayo and we think that Chamisa should stop abusing young people and he should respect their rights,” Matutu added.


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