There are 3 most likely outcomes the election might have 23 candidates but like every functional democracy the election will always be a two-party affair especially the presidential race it’s ZANU PF against MDC led by incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa respectively. Here are likely outcomes and their effects.


Emmerson Mnangagwa WIN
This is the most likely outcome for various reasons which include the power brokers of the nation being in his support including many factions of the country which include but mot limited to the Army, business people, the church and so on but the police and intelligence we leave them for another day.

ZEC announces ED the undisputed winner we are sure there will he massive protests and law suits from the MDC camp which has already made their views known in the likely event they loose. The MDC has already said through the Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa that any result that doesn’t pronounce them the winners will be rigged.

This is a problem since the MDC happen to command huge support in the Capital we have to be ready for massive protests we will have to wait and see how the new government will deal with it.

The voters roll was issued with mistakes coming out day by day the MDC can open a case at the courts.

The people who supported MDC in the events of them loosing will be devastated and depressed time and the donations they wasted, Twitter and social media will be lit with diaspora vanguard aspirants

I warn the protesters to be violent the hand that will descend on them will be too heavy for their vanguard militia to carry.

MDC would split if they are not invited into government and Chamisa will most likely be left without a party, Mwonzora might takeover

Nelson Chamisa WIN
This will be a shocking and exciting moment first time in 37 years ZANU pf to clearly loose an election, it wouldn’t be surprising we have seen it before we have had a short-time executive before in the name of Abel Muzorewa but the circumstances are different so my CHINJA readers hang on , too much reforms and freedom of association have been availed by Mnangagwa, the MDC has been able to campaign everywhere they wished unlike before

The problem is the MDC has picked fights with all power-brokers in the country including the election referees, with well known human reaction these important institutions wouldn’t want people who pick fights with them to Rule because they know the purges will follow

However if MDC wins talks for a smooth power transfer will have to be conducted, with guarantees of safety and immunity, General Chiwenga will keep his position as Vice President , Minister SB Moyo will as well keep his position why do l say this because it has happened in Botswana general Seretse Khama before and in Indonesia

The latter being after a bloodless coup as well the power institutions will have to be kept in place promise the generals no purging and all government ministers who are powerful enough, of course Supa Mandiwanzira can be prosecuted he is a nonentity

Panic and jubilation will be on the streets of Harare, Bulawayo , diaspora on social media , it’s a dream which might never come true

No-Clear Winner
A run-off between the leading candidates will be conducted this is most likely to be a bad place for citizens MDC will cry foul their coffers will have been dry , unable to campaign again , Zanu Pf will flex the unending coffers of cash lord now where they get it , This might lead to violence with MDC being violent as well nowadays it will be a sad sight for civilians a GNU-2 will be the only option

A clear winner in the elections needs a 50%+1 margin

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