CELEBRITIES HAIL SOLIDARITY MARCH, PRAISES THE ARMY ! | Top zim celebrities yesterday hailed tens of thousands who participated in the solidarity march to State House for observing peace and unity during the procession.


The majority of artistes interviewed by H-Metro said the message was sent and it was time for change as people had had enough. Man of the moment, Jah Prayzah who is currently touring Australia along with his outfit, took to Facebook where he shared his gratitude following the successful march.

“I am so over-joyed to see Zimbabweans come together United as one. “The last time such love and joy in one place was present, I was not yet born, maive muna 1980, so I heard.

“And to top it all, it was all done in peace. Even though I was not there I am happy I was with you through my music and would like to thank you Zimbabwe for embracing my new album and letting it speak to you and your lives.

“Will be back home soon. Till then, let love continue to flow amongst you and be guided by God above all,” he wrote.

Superstar Oliver ‘Tuku” Mtukudzi, who commands a huge following, hailed fans for marching in a peaceful manner.

Speaking through Tuku Music board chairman Tungamidzai Simango, the camp hailed fans for demonstrating in a peaceful manner.

“It was indeed a peaceful demonstration as people put aside tribal and racial differences for a show of common purpose.

“We hope the message was sent and hopefully people’s grievances will be addressed,” he said.

Outspoken Mutare based musician Hosiah Chipanga said the ancestors were unhappy which prompted the march.“I might not have participated in the march but I feel the ancestors are disgruntled which saw thousands of people taking to the streets.

“On behalf of my church (MAPIPI), the march symbolised the dawn of the new era.

“People were tired and it was high time they demonstrated to the authority in a peaceful manner with the help of the people’s army.

“I saw it coming and my prophecy has come to pass and in this case,

midzimu yenyika haisi kufara nekuti vana vatambura zvakanyanya,” he said.

Sungura godfather Nicholas Zakaria hailed Zimbabweans for marching peacefully and urged relevant authorities to consider people’s grievances.

“I might not have participated in the march since I was out of town but I really support those who participated.

“I have just bought copies of the weekly papers to get a clear pictures but people have spoken and it’s now time for change,” said the Khiama Boys leader who sees the march as the dawn of the new era.

“If the situation is not addressed, I can foresee people taking to the streets again and we are hoping for the best since people have spoken.

“I think people’s voices must be heard and in this case people have just spoken and it defies logic when they put a deaf ear as people really want change and nothing else,” he added.

Similar sentiments were echoed by South Africa based singer Dino Mudondo who feels it’s time for leadership renewal.

“It was a long time coming. Zimbabwe needed a change. It’s a shame it got to this stage because there will never be another Robert Mugabe.

“He did his part. It was great to be part of the togetherness and unity that the nation showed. One love, one voice, one unity.

“This is definitely a start to a new Zimbabwe. It’s time to restore our country to its greatness,” said Mudondo.

Outspoken diva Kuchinei Chatsama said the solidarity march with the help of the army showed that Zimbabweans needed their freedom.

“Yesterday (Saturday) I said I’m not going to the march because it was clear to me… I repeat to “Me” that the war vets called all comrades to march in solidarity with the army, appreciating its efforts to eradicate criminals crippling the nation…. Then I watched Pastor Evan calling on all Zim to join the march and pray for a better Zimbabwe… I then thought, yeah I’ll go… Then I watched Acie whom I was happy to c seated right in front awaiting to march to the state house… And then I was like omg now This march for me was for the Zimbabweans who for the first time, expressed their freedom to be heard. We all wanted to be heard, hence deferent placards,” she posted on her Facebook page.

Not to be outdone is Afro fusion exponent Derreck Mpofu who is currently touring Russia.

“I really missed out when all this happened as I was in Russia on official business meeting but I was following closely.

“However, as a patriotic Zimbabwean I am happy that as Zimbabweans we exhibited to the world that we could express ourselves peacefully as people from diverse backgrounds and even political ideologies.

I am proud of Zimbabweans and who we are, we have sent a message to the rest of the world on how to disagree peacefully,” he said.

Flamboyant rapper musician Carlos Green said the march spelt a bright future for the artistes.

“It was amazing to see such solidarity among Zimbabweans and we are now just hoping for the best. As musicians, this creates a bright future for us.”

Controversial female chanter Lindsay said she praised Zimbabweans for marching in a peaceful manner.

“From my own point of view, I think the march was well organised and people came out in numbers to support a noble cause, I was actually shocked and surprised to see such multitudes of people and I think it gives us as Zimbabweans hope for a better future.

“All we want is to be economically viable, hence that will spread to all other industries for example the arts industry hardly many of us are surviving from it due to various economic challenges, so we hope this move (march) will open avenues for a viable music and entertainment industry that is competitive in the region and globally.

“I know it will take time, but as we all know it Zimbabwe is blessed by talented young people who can drive the economy through entertainment,” she said.

There were however some top artistes who refused to comment on the march saying it was a political issue.

Others who preferred anonymity said they hoped for a bright future after people demonstrated against the authorities.

There were however some top artistes who refused to comment on the march saying it was a political issue.

Others who preferred anonymity said they hoped for a bright future after people demonstrated against the authorities.

. . . Celebrities support ZDF

FOLLOWING the country’s Zimbabwe Defence Forces intervention to bring the country to normalcy, celebrities have spoken out on the solidarity march in support of the ZDF.

Michael Chideme – Harare City Council Corporate Communications Manager

We have not heard, and will never hear of any reports on damaged property resulting from the peaceful march that occurred over the weekend. People marched peacefully and no vandalism of infrastructure ever occurred. Did you hear any reports of property damaged?

Harare Residents Trust

“The citizens demonstrated that if allowed, they can express themselves, they will behave and go home. There was no vandalism of property, looting and people were not tear gassed. Zimbabweans want a responsive government that addresses their needs. “Zimbabweans are united and want to succeed in every aspect of their lives.” Precious Shumba Director.

Cynthia Bizure Sithole – Businesswoman

I feel so excited by the maturity demonstrated by the generality of Zimbabweans. I am currently in China on business. Man I really wish I was home but I was so happy to see all Zimbabweans united for a common purpose.

I was so happy to see most of my family, friends and clients happy it was so amazing. Here in China I was celebrating with my husband Tanaka whom I travelled with as well as with so many Chinese nationalities who were also excited about what happening in our country, I want to thank the military for taking hid of our grievances.

Chamu Chiwanza – Affirmative Action Group and businessman

As the Affirmative Action Group we stand in solidarity with the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, the war veterans and all Zimbabweans at large.

The military intervention will certainly create job opportunities to Zimbabweans as well as investment for the country at large.

I have no doubt to conclude that Zimbabwe has one of the most organised and intelligent army in the world and this was evidenced by the peaceful march which took place yesterday.

Jossey Mahachi – Businesswoman

If we remain united as we were at the solidarity match, I am certain that our country will become the bread basket of Africa again. I am so excited with the latest developments in our country, personally I have been praying for God to intervene in our country’s affairs and God answered my prayers.

I feel this is just the beginning for great things to happen in Zimbabwe.

Rufaro Kaseke – Filmmaker

I feel so proud of my country right now and I know it’s not just me but every Zimbabwean here in the diaspora as well as those back home.

I want to thank the Zimbabwe Defence forces for hearing the cry of Zimbabweans and coming to our rescue.

Here in the United Kingdom we have been celebrating from the day the military intervened in the crisis our country was facing.

I was looking forward to a new Zimbabwe but it came to pass at a time where I wasn’t expecting it to happen.

Gilmore Tee – Radio and TV personality

It was such an atmosphere filled with happiness, unity & very peaceful march in Bulawayo too.

It’s been a long time since I have seen such excitement amongst Zimbabweans and also seeing people from different walks of life coming together in a self-organized march with no one leading the other.

People just coordinated themselves and united for the march. This demonstrated that when need arises, Zimbabweans can come together for a cause.

Pastor Hazvinei Muchefa

I appreciate the people of Zimbabwe for marching peacefully without violence or looting of shops. As for the leadership issue I leave that to God because it is him who choses leaders.

Madzibaba Spenlodge – Johanne Masowe YeChishanu

The leader of Johanne Masowe yeChishanu Kuwadzana conceded that the church is happy because Zimbabweans held a peaceful march.

People of Zimbabwe demonstrated peacefully and it shows that Zimbabweans love peace.

At least there was no case of violence or looting during the process thus shows that Zimbabweans are educated and civilised.

The idea was to remove the President in a diplomatic manner, he has done his part and it’s now time for him to give others a chance to lead the country and restore our previous glory.

Terrence Mukupe – Harare East MP and Zanu PF Secretary for Information & Publicity Harare Province

Following the solidarity march towards reigning normalcy in the country, I feel sad for my President. There was absolutely no reason for him to go out this way. What is important is in the spirit of peace as espoused by the late John Landa Nkomo, we need to unite as one Zimbabwe. We thank the army for making us finally realise that your race, religion and political affiliation does not matter. We are blessed to have been born in this awesome country. I can’t wait for us to become the financial powerhouse we should be!!!

Prophet Chikomo – Bright Light Prophetic Deliverance Ministries

The leader of Bright Light Prophetic Deliverance Ministries hailed Zimbabweans for their support during the solidarity march.

People of Zimbabweans showed the world that President Mugabe has overstayed his welcome as the leader.

The march showed oneness as the people were crying with one voice.

I am based in Norton but the march was embraced by all Zimbabwean who are all scattered across the world.


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