Caps United President Jere speaks out.

Caps United president Farai Jere said they hope to get the services of former head of medical team Nick Manyonga as they look for his replacement. Manyonga resigned after a reported standoff with the team’s head coach Lloyd Chitembwe over veteran Method Mwanjali’s fitness.

Farai JereHowever, Jere has refuted claims arguing that Manyonga will now be committed to his personal project but they hope to get his services when he is free.“We are united as CAPS United and whatever you are hearing are just speculations.

“Manyonga resigned on the basis that he is now committed somewhere and he will not be able to render his services to the club. “But as a club, we are hoping that whenever he is free he might come and help as we look for his replacement,” he said.

He added:

“Yesterday (Monday) we had a management meeting to discuss the future of the club and everyone seemed happy so I don’t know where all this is coming from.

“When things are not going according to plan, people tend to come up with their different theories just to destroy and tarnish the name of the club.”



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