CAPS United midfielder Oscar Machapa was on Tuesday arrested for assaulting a girl who had eloped to him.

Machapa who was helping police with investigations at Borrowdale Police Station yesterday stands accused of assaulting Eniah Makoni, 22, who had gone to his house claiming that she was pregnant with his child.

The girl insists she is pregnant by him but he denies responsibility. She says they have been having sexual relations since 8 April “after his match at National Sports Stadium.”

Enia Makoni is accusing Machapa of dumping her whilst she is six weeks pregnant.

Makoni, who stays in Avondale, says she has been dating Machapa for three months and the two agreed to have a baby together and settle.

“I have been dating Oscar for three months and all was well between us.

“This baby issue was planned and we agreed to have a child. Now that I am pregnant he doesn’t want to talk to me hameno zvaakungotaura, in fact he is denying responsibility.

“I am not fabricating this issue, I wanted us to go together for a pregnancy test and prove that I am not lying but he doesn’t want to go.

“I went to his apartment (last week) Wednesday evening and he refused to let me in, he talked to me standing by the door.

“Actually he had company, anga aine hure,” Enia said.

However the Caps United player had his own version of the issue when H-Metro approached him at Italian Sports Club prior to his arrest.

“I know the person you are talking about, but this whole pregnancy issue could be a lie.

“If she is really pregnant then the baby is not mine, because we broke up three months ago.

“I was surprised when she came to my place with her sister claiming that she is pregnant.

Machapa added that only DNA test can make him accept any responsibilities when it comes to Enia’s baby.

“When she came to my house she said her pregnancy is three months old, and to me it didn’t make sense.

“If her pregnancy is really three months, then where was she all this while?

“Why did she not consult or come to me the very moment she noticed that she had missed her period. She is not a teenager who can be pregnant and not know that she is pregnant.

“I told her to go back to her house and come back to me after giving birth then we can do a DNA test and if the child is proved to be mine I will then accept the responsibilities. Until then I do not want anything to do with her,” Machapa said.