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Cal_vin’s mum & baby mama drama rages

Cal_vin’s mum & baby mama drama rages

Cal_vin’s mum & baby mama drama rages

When mother and daughter-in-law don’t see eye to eye, drama is inevitable!

Instead of celebrating the life of the late Hip-Hop king Mgcini Cal_Vin Nhliziyo who passed away on 25 October last year, a lot of issues still remain unresolved at the Nhliziyo homestead in Luveve 5.

It’s still a mystery on how he died after being involved in a “hit and run accident” but the instincts of his mother Sinikiwe Luphahla are giving her guts to point at Cal_Vin’s baby mama Michelle Maphosa as knowing what happened on the fateful night.

To make things worse, the mother and daughter-in-law fracas is still raging on as Luphahla is believed to be still in doubt of whether Cal_Vin was the true biological father to Michelle’s son.

Cal_Vin passed on while his girlfriend was pregnant.

In April, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and he was christened Caleb Owethu (surname not yet given).

Six months after he was born, baby Caleb hasn’t been introduced to his ancestors.

His umbilical cord is missing, making it hard for the Nhliziyo family to perform the Inkaba ritual.

According to a traditionalist based in Cowdray Park, Gogo Matshazi, she explained Inkaba as a ritual of burying the cord and the placenta after a baby is born.

“It is of great significance in the Ndebele culture and the baby’s clan as it seals the attachment of the baby to his/her ancestral lands.

“Inkaba then comes to mean one’s ancestral home and symbolises the relationship between the individual, his/her clan, the land and the spiritual world.

“The burial place of an Inkaba is a sacred place where one must go and dream and communicate with the ancestors in case things are not going smoothly in the child’s life,” said Gogo Matshazi.

Since the umbilical cord is missing, it means it will be hard for six months old Caleb to be introduced to his ancestors, something that Luphahla said was dragging the whole traditional process.

“I saw the boy soon after his birth and I bought him clothes. His mother (Michelle) was still staying in Njube. I always checked on the baby but to no response from Michelle until I also kept quiet.

“Then at Cal_Vin’s memorial, his grandmothers asked me about the umbilical cord of the child so that we can introduce him to the family.

“When I asked Michelle to bring it home to the grandparents, she told me Inkaba was lost,” said Luphahla in a telephone interview last week.

Luphahla said it was hard to find proof whether Caleb was Cal_Vin’s son without the grandparents seeing Inkaba.

To get clarity, B-Metro Showbiz caught up with Cal_Vin’s baby mama and she said she misplaced the umbilical cord.

“I don’t know where it is. I think it got lost by children playing with it at home or it got misplaced while I was moving from my granny’s house in Njube to Cement Siding where I now stay.

“In as much as the (Nhliziyo) family is making noise about all this, they have never helped me not even one day.

“When Cal_Vin died they knew I was pregnant. They didn’t even bother to pay my medical bills at the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) and they didn’t care to buy preparation and pampers. I was and am still literally on my own,” said Michelle.

She said she was yet to find closure on Cal_Vin’s death as the wounds were still fresh and that the Nhliziyo family was “disowning” their own, hurt her most.

“This is a sad month for me, his death is still fresh yet the family is trying to hold me at ransom and try denying the baby.

Umamazala (Luphahla) came to see the child once, and she was only there to verify if the baby was indeed Cal_Vin’s seed,” said Michelle.

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