Build Zimbabwe Alliance (BZA) presidential candidate Noah Manyika says he has notified police and election observer missions that Zanu-PF supporters are engaging in electoral malpractices ahead of the July 30 elections.

War on poverty my main focus: Manyika

Manyika is one of the 23 candidates vying for the top job in the country.

Acussing ruling party supporters of defacing and shredding his campaign posters, Manyika said the provocation places the recently signed peace pledge in jeopardy.

Political parties this past week signed a peace pledge in Harare committing presidential candidates and their parties to campaign peacefully, and also encouraging tolerance between rival contestants.

Manyika said it was disturbing that such malpractices come at a time when political parties have pledged to conduct a peaceful poll.

The BZA leader said Harare city council individuals were also spotted removing his posters in the capital city.

He said he has raised the issue with European Union observers who are already in the country.



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