Butterfly flies all over Tuku’s funeral


Butterfly flies all over Tuku’s funeral

Big Brother Africa Hotshots 2014 Zimbabwean contestant Butterphly whose real name is Tariro Mharapara was flying all over during Tuku’s recent burial in Madziwa.

Butterfly flies all over Tuku’s funeral

The radio Dj who was a guest presenter on national television broadcaster ZBCTV had a bad day in office as she seemed overexcited with the event while also seemingly lost in the process.

While she had the simplest job to interview Tuku’s fellow musicians and other important guests at the funeral, she splashed mud everywhere, kudira jecha chaiko.

How this girl could mumble and fail to pronounce Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave’s surname (Zvakavapano) made me fall sick. It was embarrassing to say the list.

And she had the audacity to say it in front of Fungisai and the nation: “This is Fungisai Zvakava….what is it…Zvakapa….” As a professional Fungisai seemed unconcerned and ignored her and went straight into her condolence message.

I felt sorry for Fungisai and I am sure it did not go down well with her either. So Butterfly doesn’t know who Fungisai is, her surname and you telling me this girl is a radio Dj in Zimbabwe, my foot!

Tuku resurrects in Selmor, Sandra

The performance by the late Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi’s daughters Selmor and Sandra during their father’s Memorial Service in Johannesburg, South Africa recently will put to rest debates on who will continue performing the legendry’s music.

It is Selmor and Sandra – tall, slim and dark in complexion; the duo is everything that Oliver was and more.

Their Johannesburg performance while imitating the late Tuku and his longtime side-kick Picky Kasamba’s stage choreography was so marshaled to perfection that for once you would have thought the legend had risen from the dead.

Tuku released more than five dozen music albums in a successful career spanning decades and the girls are spoilt for choice to the extent that they can actually play the songs for their entire lives.

Selmor and Sandra are Tuku’s children from his first marriage to Melody.

While Tuku and his two aforementioned daughters were not the best of buddies because of internal family politics and had on occasion performed together, his blood runs deep in those divas.

Interestingly Tuku seemed comfortable working with one of his daughters, Samantha from his marriage with wife Daisy as she was part of the late singer’s Black Spirits backing band before being married to footballer Tinashe Nengomasha.

Samantha could tour the world with Tuku and in recent years Daisy had joined the showcases performing alongside her husband.

It would be interesting to see how things will shape up; whether Samantha will join the other siblings for performances or whether she would team up with her mother to front the Black Spirits.

Tuku most photographed celebrity

The death of Tuku also showed how over photographed the music legend is like hundreds of people from fellow musicians, politicians, journalists, and ordinary Zimbabweans posted their pictures with him of social media platforms.

And these were not only local people but others were fans from several overseas countries.

While those who had access to social media platforms could post their sent off photographs, there are thousands more who could not do so and could only keep the memories to themselves.

From the posted photographs, it seemed most local musicians had at one time or another interacted with the star.

Journalists could also not be outdone as they traced their working relationship with Tuku while others were quick to remind us how close they were to the star as they recollected their memorable moments. Some were quite honest that they didn’t see eye to eye with the musician; it was quite revealing as some told us about how they ate sadza together with the late.

Gary Tight angered at not performing for Tuku

Youthful guitarist and singer Gary Tight is quite a lucky man as he was loved by the late Tuku; even Chimurenga music guru Thomas Mapfumo seems to have a soft spot for him as he includes him in some of his concerts.

The son of veteran musician Wilom Tight, Gary was like a son to Tuku and he called him ‘father’ because of the two’s closeness. Tuku always said Gary reminded him of his late son Sam and at one time shed tears when Gary performed Sam’s song, Cheziya.

So close was Gary to Tuku that he was angered and at the same time surprised when he failed to perform for his ‘father’ during a send-off concert held at the National Sports Stadium.

Gari took his anger to Instagram where he reported that he was ‘chased away’ from the stage by organizers of the event.

Indeed it was sad but Gari has to learn to live with that and be a man!



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