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Businessman fights villager

Businessman fights villager

Businessman fights villager

A HARARE businessman is alleged to have vandalized property and threatened to destroy a house belonging to his neighbor in Chiweshe for competing with him.

Businessman fights villager

Tafadzwa Musarara, the businessman at the centre of storm, is reported to have approached a 40-year-old Erinad Chizombe and ordered him to look for the alternative village to stay with his children accusing him of buying the land from the late village head Worayi Musarara under Chief Chiweshe.

The incident has affected six children and among them, three have not been attending school and are living by the roadside along with their guardian of Chizombe for the past week.

Village head Joseph Musarara is reported to have been silenced over the case that he was not given chance to hear it so as other traditional leaders.

Narrating his ordeal, Chizombe said he acquired the place in 2007 and Musarara’s accusations of buying the place came after his son built a good house for him.

“Jealousy and competition has affected my neighbour that he vowed to use his financial and political muscle to make sure that I leave the village,” said Chizombe.

“I never paid any cent to the late village head and I have no problem with the current village head only for this businessman having bad blood with me over my success taking advantage of being a son of Musarara.

“Ndavanemakore anopfuura 12 ndichigara pano, ndichirima uye mombe dzangu dzinodhibhiswa mumusha muno asi nhasi uno ndavakunzi ibva mumusha medu wakatengeserwa nani nzvimbo.

“I spent years living in a two roomed house and the animosity came after my son built a nice house for me and started selling plants from the field.

“I am now under his mercy, he is threatening to destroy the house and make sure I leave the village so that he takes over the place and cultivate my piece of land.

“Are we not allowed to build better houses, do I ever engage in any criminal activity to defile the village or any wrong to deserve this,” said Chizombe pleading with authorities to help him in meeting justice.

Contacted for comment, Musarara said the land is his ancestral inheritance and could not allow someone who is not from Musarara village to occupy it.

“The land is mine. I was given it by my grandfather and will not allow anyone who is not of Musarara clan to occupy it claiming that he bought it,” said Musarara.

“We warned him over the land but he went on to build structures and I am not moved by that house.

“Marata anoshamisira chii chero Karigamombe building ndinopwanya kana mumwe akavakapo iyo iriyangu saka imba yake haishamisire.

“I was shocked to discover that he bought the land hatitengese nhaka yedu inzvimbo yangu and I am not the one who evicted him but a messenger of court.

“I will show you the documents to prove that the case was heard by a Bindura magistrate leading him to his eviction last week.

“The story has gone viral on social media in a way to tarnish my image since I am a public figure but the truth is that the land is mine,” said Musarara.

Contacted for comment, Chief Chiweshe – real name Lawrence Chigariro – said he was still to receive the case.

“Such cases are brought to my court but at the moment I have not received any report concerning it and I advise the complainant to bring his case before me,” said Chief Chiweshe.



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