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Bushiri breaks the silence on Coronavirus – The virus is only targeting certain people


The self-proclaimed prophet says the virus is a sign of the end of times … but it will pass once it has killed its ‘targets’.

Enlightened Christian Gathering church leader Shepherd Bushiri’s video clips in which he addresses the coronavirus outbreak, which has now infected more than 700,000 people globally and killed more than 30,000 have caused a bit of a stir on social media.

In one clip, Bushiri says this “demonic” virus is targeting only certain people and it will disappear once it has done its job.

He says: “You see, this thing, the coronavirus, there are people who it is targeting. You must know it’s a very demonic thing. When those people who are being targeted are over, it will disappear.”

In another clip, Bushiri said God had instructed him to rebuke the “demon” that could only disappear if the church prayed. He further told his followers they were protected from the virus.

He said: “Before we begin to pray, the Holy Spirit has led me to rebuke a certain demon. I want you to know you and your families, Africa, the whole world, God said I should rebuke the demon of coronavirus.

You spirit, wherever this demon is, it can only stop if the church, servants of God, can stand up and pray and coronavirus will disappear. I stand up and command this demon to come out! You will disappear in the name of Jesus…I protect you from this virus.”


In another clip, Bushiri said the virus was a sign of the end of times and that it would never end. According to him, it would only change from one tragedy to another.

“You see, this sickness, people are always asking when will it end. The answer is simple, this is a sign of end times. It will never end, it can only change from one name to another. The moment you say it must end you mean the signs of the end of times to end. They will never end, it will just change from one tragedy to another,” he said.


Zimbabwean pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa said in 2016 the virus would come from the sea and would be more deadly than cancer and HIV.

Watch his prophecies below:



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