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Bus ploughs into vendors at Mupedzanhamo Market

A serious Road Traffic accident occurred at Mupedzanhamo market traffic ight at about 09;45am yesterday morning when a Zupco contracted Trip Trans bus proceeding to the garage for service went out of the road, hit some vendors and eight cars.

This according to a report posted online by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, Ten people were reportedly seriously injured and were taken to Parirenyatwa Hospital for treatment.

Our Social Media platform followers shared their views:

Fodlo said: Zupco should just stop operating in the interest of public safety. Most of the company’s buses are not road worthy. It is a shame what successive looting by ZPF has done to a company that used to provide affordable and reliable transport to the public whilst providing employment to many. What a shame.

Baba Patience said: The arrangement was rushed. Chero ndikaenda nechikochikari changu zupco will contract me. Who is liable in this case? Who is responsible? Who makes sure all safety aspects of the vehicle are in compliance?

Nemari yese yakabiwa through madhiri ne that sakunda guy, unoti dai zupco ichiri kupa vanhu ma contract here or dai yava sustainable on its own. This is just another money looting scheme. Shame zveshuwa.

Ndopaunoona rimwe richitofunga kuti uri kunyeba apapa.

Kevy said: A few days ago rimwe zupco rakadhumha a woman ari on the pavement in the city. And this is happening while they loot, Shuwa nenyaya dzese dzatonzwa dzeZupco its funny how they continue like nothing happened!

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