Two pupils from Inyanda Secondary School in Bulawayo’s Gwabalanda suburb are in trouble after a video that was seemingly recorded behind classroom blocks at the school leaked and has gone viral.


Bulawayo Provincial Education Director Mrs Olicah Kaira said she saw the video and they were investigating the matter. “I can confirm that there is video of two pupils suspected to be from one of our schools. We are investigating the matter and will be able to give more details once we conclude the investigations,” she said.

Mrs Kaira decried moral decadence among young people as pupils across the country have recently made news for immoral behaviour.

“I don’t know what is wrong with our children nowadays. We are having a serious case of some pupils showcasing behaviours that are not synonymous with childhood and it becomes a challenge when we think of what kind of disciplinary measures we need to take on the pupils as we need to address the root cause. Some of these children may be in need of counselling,” said Mrs Kaira. She described the video as gross, highly immoral and appalling.

“I saw the video myself. The acts of the pupils are highly immoral, despicable and cannot be associated with Ordinary Level pupils. They are very embarrassing and such public indecency is just unacceptable, especially in our schools. We just cannot have such happening,” said Mrs Kaira.

The Chronicle is in possession of the video in which two pupils, a boy and girl, whose names have been withheld as they are both minors.

Residents who spoke to The Chronicle after seeing the video said the girl stayed with a close relative who operates a shebeen at her home near the school.

Neighbours alleged that the shebeen queen often forced the girl to engage in sx with her patrons in exchange for money, but that could not be verified immediately.

A neighbour whose name has been withheld for fear of victimisation said the shebeen queen is often raided by police but the woman is defiant as she continues to sell beer from home.

“The shebeen is just a cover up for prostitution that takes place at the residence. It is so bad because she is exposing her own child to this abuse as she is only interested in money,” said the neighbour.

Recently, John Tallach High school pupils made headlines after they were busted having a suspected sx party at the headmaster’s house. Chisipite High School girls also made news in Harare recently with a recording pregnant with obscenities.



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