Bulawayo Commuters Stranded As ZUPCO Rented Buses Disappear

Bulawayo Commuters Stranded As ZUPCO Rented Buses Disappear

ZUPCO buses reportedly disappeared from the road in Bulawayo and some parts of Harare on Tuesday rendering commuters stranded.

Gvt Introduces $1 Buses To Ferry People To & From Harare CBD

ZUPCO buses were introduced by the government under a special facility to subsidize citizens who were complaining of the escalating prices charged by kombis.

Journalist Zenzele Ndebele said, “There is a fuel problem in Bulawayo today. Many people are stranded in the western suburbs and there are no kombis because they have no fuel.”

A huge crowd was reportedly gathered at Cowdray Park Signpost waiting for kombis to ferry them to town and kombis were charging $1.50 and some $2 to town while buses were nowhere to be seen.

One Princess from Harare also said there are facing the same problem in Harare South.

“We have the same problem in Ushewekunze and ours is worse no kombi’s in the roads. Our Member of Parliament Tongai Mathuthu does not even care how people from his constituency are doing.”

The crisis resurfaces after the government assured the nation that the ZUPCO facility has been going smoothly and there are 2300 more buses from local and foreign players who have shown interest in joining the scheme.

However, some bus operators who spoke to the media said the scheme is not working for them as the government is reneging on its part and they have not been paying them the agreed amount. The players indicated that they will be pulling out their services on Monday if the issue is not corrected.


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